Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Every day I hear people say they treat their dogs "like family" and I understand that it's just a saying....hopefully.  It's mentioned briefly in my website that I am passionate about spreading the truth about animal rights vs. animal husbandry or animal welfare.  Animal welfare is the proper care of companion animals and "animal husbandry" is usually used to describe the humane treatment and care of livestock.  While horses are livestock they are usually kept as companion animals.

As a professional animal trainer I know it isn't fair to treat a horse, dog or cat or any other animal like a human. It confuses them and causes them to become neurotic. So I try to help people remember that the words we use to describe our actions has an impact on others perception of pet ownership and all its legal ramifications. 

The word "ownership" needs to remain in the conversations we have about the animals we keep as pets. If we don't keep this wording then the Animal Rightists like PETA have a perfect spot to move in and lobby our government to change laws that will give animals equal rights to humans!  They are using your donations to do just that. YES! No kidding!  In which case we can no long keep animals as pets because it is considered slavery!  Only with ownership do we have control over the care and containment of our animal friends.

The goal of PETA is to kill all pets and no longer allow animals of any kind to be kept and used by humans in any way.  Wild animals will be left in the wild with no protection.  If they go extinct from poaching so be it.  No meat, fish, poultry consumed by humans or used in the production of consumer products like shoes, etc. No lab rats that save lives. 

People give financial support groups like PETA all the time with funding.  Movie stars endorse PETA. I don't believe these people really understand PETA's final plan for that sweet kitty sitting on your lap, the dogs playing in your back yard, the horses in your pastures or the pet chickens you keep for eggs.

PLEASE google animal rights vs.animal welfare and find out the truth before use the words "pet guardian" or "fur-babies" that were all coined by animal rightist to infiltrate the way we think and describe ourselves and our pets.  Your wording really DOES matter.

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