Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More pics of Kawako Shiba's Brucie-Jean

I promised more pics of Brucie so here they are.  Brucie was born a singleton (only puppy) so she got TONS of attention.  Here she is in a tuperware container covered with toys.  She's next to my computer where I can watch her and see to her needs.  She looks relaxed doesn't she?

Brucie was trained and sold as a teenager to Brian & Angela of San Fransisco. Brucie had to make a change from country girl where she had a certain amount of freedom to being a city girl who lived in a loft and had to go potty on leash.  It was hard on everyone at first but I knew it would work because the personalities were a match. Brucie is a lovely dog and she is such an important part of Brian & Angela's life.

Even though a dog has manners and basic obedience skills when she leaves us it doesn't mean it will translate if the new owners don't know how to ask for the behaviors so I insist people have obedience classes lined up as soon as their Shiba arrives.

Training and love still isn't enough.  Dogs need exercise.  A tired dog is a good dog.  Our dogs can play all day in the barnyard and still need to take the edge off before they come in the  house.  Especially if I'm letting in more than one dog because they compete for my attention and that always takes things up a notch or four......

Some outings are stressful enough for a dog to take off the edged.  Puppies especially get tired from stress in the beginning.  A car ride to the post office works at first but older pups and young adults need to run. In the winter when I don't want the dogs to go out and get wet and/or muddy I use the treadmill. Not all dogs like the treadmill.  LG always disliked other dogs love it.  Koji for example, REALLY love it and gets in trouble for whining and crying while other dogs take their turn on the treadmill.  Since we are showcasing Brucie-Jean she is featured here on the treadmill.

I will show you other dogs enjoying the treadmill later.

Life is ever changing....

I've decided to place Zoomie as a pet with a couple that is on my waiting list.  I'm so torn. It was a hard decision to make especially after spending the afternoon in town training and socializing him.  It's just in the best interest of the puppy for me to let him go to a loving home right now.  Family obligations and construction work mean I don't have the time I would like to spend with Zoomie.  I can't let myself feel bad about placing one of my babies in a loving and doting home for goodness sake!  It's what they are made for!  And who could resist that face?  He's so cute!