Thursday, March 31, 2016


Well let's see.  Still have my 5 pups with 4 now being under 1 year of age.  They are growing and in various stages of molting puppy fluff.  Kazi-moto looks particularly homely.  Fancy is still a brat and a pain but pretty hilarious at the same time.  Friday is tired of being bullied by Rockie and I sense a separation will soon be in order. Mari is expecting any time after April 20th and I have to tell the next potential puppy buyers on my list of the availability as soon as she has her x-ray the week before and I know how many pups to expect. Little bundles of b/t are always exciting. I don't have any other litters planned until winter so I can take it easy and really enjoy these pups before they move on to their homes. It will be fun. Other than that not too much going on with dogs, no shows until after Fancy is 6 months next month.  So whatever show is close after then we might hit just for fun if her hair holds out.  She is a stunning beauty and people will surely flip over her.  She's got it all going on ya know? Gotta get some new pics of her.

I sold Sterling to a young gal that could lope him around like he needed.  Man we loved that horse but we didn't need a horse of that caliber.  Sterling left on a Saturday and Sunday we picked up a horse from another rescuer who didn't have time for him.  He is a buckskin gelding what came in with a round up of mares and foals on the Indian reservation.  The mares go directly to slaughter.  The foals are rescued by whomever will take them.  They need 24/7 care and bottle feedings until they can eat solids.  I named the gelding Cruz.  He's a mustang, has the typical indifferent mustang personality.

So I will keep working with Georgie and start working with Cruz in the next few weeks after he has had a vet check at OSU.  He isn't gaining weight like I'd like to see so something needs fixing.  Wish me luck with finding a home for Georgie so I can save another one!