Sunday, March 8, 2015

OMGosh so much to write.  I will start with not including my feeling we will see where it goes from there. 

My Shiba friend Lexi has died.  The vet did an autopsy but found no reason why it should have happened.  After much reflection I don't know if I can believe that a mistake wasn't made by my vet early on and Lexi could have been saved.  I have to be strong for the puppies she left behind. I am bottle feeding them and they are doing OK.  Yesterday it was their first trip outside to see the sun.  Most pups are scared of the new feelings under their feet, cement, gravel, grass, weeds all are a new thing.  These pups just crawled across it all without blinking.  Very interesting I say.

Anyone who has gone through the process of buying a puppy from me knows I am very particular about where my babies go so I prescreen homes and pups are sold by reservation and all are spoken for before they are born.  Otherwise I wouldn't do any breeding.  So, the puppies Lexi left behind are sold with the exception of the female who I reserve the right to keep.  I am doing everything in my power to have these pups survive to an adoptable age.  They are now 4 weeks old and I'm soooooo tired!  Being a mom to a litter is exhausting. One of the pups is so small and conceived several days behind the others.  He is the one I worry about but he is getting bigger slowly.

During all this mayhem life on the farm going on.  There are other dogs to care for and horses in various stages of training that need to be exercised.  I sold my sheep on Sunday, Feb. 31, 2015 which was last Sunday.  It was a very hard thing to do, to let go of a herd I have tended for nearly 20 years.  I concentrated on certain traits in a single bloodline.  I was very proud of what I had accomplished.  Now........gone.  Totally weird.

Yesterday we were at the vet checking the puppies progress again and I tripped and jammed my fist against a window sill and popped my upper arm out of the socket.  That hurt.  Now I can't move my upper arm away from my body without total pain. 

I swear it's always something, then something else, then something else.  I think I am cursed.  I will have to start thinking about who I might have offended that put such a curse on me.

I am the most innocent, honest and kind person I know.  I never mean to hurt anyone but it seems like I always say the wrong thing.  Do you ever feel like that?  That's why I stay to myself and I don't talk to anyone.  Then people think I am scary, mean and unapproachable.  At least that is what those who got to know me and became friends tell me.  I squint because I can't stand the sun or I can't see and it gives me a tough guy brow.  I also have chronic pain so sometimes I just don't want to talk.  It takes all I've got just to concentrate on what I am trying to do.  Anyway, I hope the curse will be lifted soon as I really want to get on with my life without all the drama.

I am scheduled to ride my horse Handsome in the next few weeks and I hope my arm is healed by then but it feels pretty much like it did when another horse yanked it out of the socket and it took years to heal with all the constant use it gets.

I guess I should add some pictures here to make my blog more exciting.  I'll see what I can find.