Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moving on with my Shibas.....

I don't write here as often as I should but things are always changing with my plans showing and breeding my wonderful doggies.   Bridget had her last litter sired by Zashi
who I just love. There were two girls and one male.  I'm sitting on the two girls and I placed the boy, who once again is spectacular.   I didn't keep anything from Koji x Zorro because the girl I sat on Zuki just didn't thrill me like I would have hoped. The male in the litter Yoshi,
has turned out  lovely of course but I may have the opportunity to show both males as long as their hormones don't drive them crazy before June.  I spayed Koji and she is looking for a pet home now so that bloodline is now ended.  We had a great photo shoot with Nina Sage of PDX Dog Portraits.
From left to right, Bridget looking a bit bedraggled from her pups on the other end of the couch, then there is Taka (sired by Kuro), Fuyu (sired by Kupono), Mari (purchased from Marianne Ross)and of course the 3 Zashi puppies, Mochi, Autumn and male Haku on the end.  This was quite an exciting outing for everyone and all went pretty well except Taka peed on that beautiful couch!  I was mortified and Nina took it all in stride. Here is another shot.....

I'd better end here and get outside before dark.  All these dogs make a lot of mess so I'd better get to scoop'en!