Monday, August 26, 2013

Shiba Open House

Last Sunday August 25th we had another Shiba Open House at Circle M Farm & Kennel, SW Washington.  Instead of having prospective owners over one at a time we have group visits.  This way we can still do our farm & kennel chores and work on whatever project we have going on weekends without having to break for guests.  With several Shiba inquiries per day we could never have time to work!

We had 8 prospective families out to meet our Shiba girls and see their current puppies we have on the ground.  Overall it went very well and was one of the easiest orientations I have given.  The tent went up and snacks and beverages were provided.  All folks had to bring was a chair.  Of all things that could happen it rained so we ended up squished into the isle way of our 2 stall barn.  Though things were a bit cosy it worked for me.  I had dogs on grooming tables for people to pet and my dog room and kennel were open for visitors to look at.

Unfortunately because of the rain we didn't get to work young dogs through the agility equipment I had put out and that would have been great fun.  Wouldn't you know it the minute everyone left the sun broke through.  I worked my youngest prospect Fuyu over the teeter totter and she did excellent but I was tired by then and went in to rest.
Bridget with her classic expression
Fuyu "Hey, where'd everybody go?"

The isle way of my barn