Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All most the new year......


Kazimoto (Fuyu x Oso)
I can't believe how quickly this year went for me.  It really is true that the years go faster when you are older.  Wishing all my friends joy and prosperity in the coming years.  I plan on making this the year I purge my all of my unneeded items. 

Rockstar (Bridget x Kuro)
Friday (Fuyu x Shogun)
Darla & Stitchy
Fancy (Mari x Kuro)
I have 3 puppies, the yearling orphaned puppy Darla and a 6 month old to raise this year too not to mention a new horse.  I have one red puppy from Bridget's last litter, a black female from Mari and another red from Fuyu.  One of them has to end up my next show stopper.

I have two too many horses.  I can really only ride one so I have to decided between keeping the mare I rescued from the kill pen and Sterling whom we have had for years but I can't ride him, he's too wide and tall.  I really wish I would have chosen a smaller horse to rescue in the case, which seems to be, I get stuck with it.  The mare Georgie is too tall as well but she isn't as wide and Sterling.  The width is what stretches all those crotch muscles and makes you sore the day after riding.  It also wrecks havoc on my dislocating knee.  I finally figured out that a small narrow horse doesn't make me sore at all!  Neato.  You can read all about Georgie on Cheri's Rescue Horses FB page.

We lost Stitchy my Pomeranian this month.  It was a terrible tragedy for which I feel completely guilty for.  I don't want to talk about it and I haven't even mentioned in on my FB page.  It's just too painful to talk about and I don't want to answer any questions about it.

Other than puppies nothing new going on.  I'm puppied out after 3 litters.  Of course all 3 litters only consisted of a total of 7 pups but I get tired with all the dogs in the house all the time.  Puppies are constantly get into things and you just get tired from watching out for them.  I so look forward to sleeping lately.

Speaking of which, the couch and a bowl of popcorn and/or a pomegranate are calling my name about now.