Wednesday, February 24, 2016

All is going well lately

Gads time flies.  I hope my younger readers really embrace life because it's WAY more fun when you are young with a healthy body and capable of doing all the exciting things that present themselves.

I am fighting against time as they say.  Still I wanna have fun.  In my mind I am still.....oh maybe 30ish?  My mind's eye doesn't see me the way I look in the mirror when I catch a glimpse.  I have a deal with myself not to look in a mirror unless I am fully clothed and it seems to help with my illusion of myself.

Dogs are doing great.  Puppies are growing up.  Darla is a year old and Kazi is finally loosing her cotton ball buns and starting to get her adult coat thank goodness.  Her sister Katniss already won some points toward her championship.  I'm afraid I got 3rd best of the 3 pups in that litter.  Oh well can't pick them right every time.

Horses are loosing their winter coats too.  We've had some really warm days.  I think I will attempt to body clip Sterling.  That will be less hair to deal with.  The mare has a blanket on so she won't have such long hair.  I'm still lovin' that mare and boy is she lookin good!  She can't take a bad picture either.  She's incredible.

In fact, I hear one of the horses in the barn banging something around so I'd better go let them out to play.